Mounfou ft. Em’Rick & Sashya – Dedication (Prod. by Overdose)

Written by on October 26, 2018

He was Born in Montreal QC
Since a young Age he always wanted to perform

His Mom even said she knew he was destined for Stardom
He started Writing songs around 8 nothing serious but People always said how catchy his songs were

He got sent to Haiti for 7years
His Mom needed to Study so She got Family in Haiti to Take care of me .
While living there he wrote a Remix of
Bob Marley Songs” No Women No Cry ”
Called “San Fanm Pa Gen Anyen”

After the Embargo his Mom moved him to A Dorm in Carrefour Called ” Seminaire Adventiste ”
And there he really crafted his talent spitting rhymes doing Reggae R&b Flows cause most of the kids was from the states .
Then around 15

He was Back in MTL
He started Hanging at a community Center at Cote Des Neiges
Where They was alot of young talent
He then Formed a posse
Called “Moun Fou Crew”
They were 8 kind of an Haitian Wu Tang in the Hood
Just a few of them really took music seriously we never recorded a track together we eventually Broke Up

He kept the Name Mounfou as his Own and ran with it

He kept on Pushing finally Recorded a Song Called “Bouzin” That got some plays in the underground radio scene also got Bashed by the Haitian community for the Profanity

He was young At the time he Let people push him into releasing a song Like dat
But later on he met D.j Dave a Haitian Muslim Dj who took the time to help me record my first Project
“Le Commencement”
It was A good learning process for me we ended up printing 500 of those CDs
I sold them hand to hand at festivals and events

In 2000 I was doing promotions for Badaboom entertainment we did alot of Shows where the Legend BadNews Brown blessed us with His Soulful Harmonica sound,I also shared Stage with other Groups like
Fusion & Z Mafia ,Snagga Shee
And couple years later I moved to Ottawa
I Teamed up With Phizy of “The Incredible Pak”
To Produce my First Official Mixtape “Le Reve d’etre Celebre”
That’s When People really took time to give me a listen
I had Sum Instant Classic on it
“Elle Aime ça”
And more

At the same time Mounfou’s Music was Buzzing on the streets
It was Buzzing even more at the police station because of the poor choices he made .

I ended up in a Detention Center for a while I came out And Recorded My Second French Project

“Le Reve d’etre Celebre” Volume 2
But due to my sentencing didn’t get much buzz
I came back in 2015 with
With 3 videos to back it up
End up selling 4000copies independently
But He felt the French Music limited his Sound
Now he’s working To release his First ever English E.P called
“Therapy Sessions”
An Album to Show the Growth as an Hit Making Artist
With No Doubt You’ll be Hearing of
MounFou on the Charts Ouaiiiiiii$$$$$$$

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