Half Size Giants reuinte after 15 years with a brand new video for their classic hit Life Moves Fast. Check this video out and expect to see much more from this real hip hop group in the near future.

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Eleven days after Spice published a photo of herself with bleached skin, she has now revealed the truth about it. Here is the official statement: “On October 22nd I posted a picture of myself where i looked like I altered my appearance and metamorphosis to match the “Eurocentric beauty standards”. I fearlessly addressed an issue […]

Like any music, jazz has its revolutions; its sudden incidents in infrastructure; its disruptive presences of unprecedented sound. Mostly it’s slower than that, though, with years and generations of accretions before it seems to call for new vocabulary. That’s one way to look at Winter Rockfest, whose latest incarnation occupied a dozen or so venues […]


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